We aakar Dies & Moulds part of Vishakarma Group, having total group turnover of INR 650 Cr.

Aakar Dies and Moulds established in FY 2015-16, equipped with a state-of-the-art design facility. we started initially featuring one Vertical Machining Center (VMC) dedicated to the manufacture of Aluminium Alloy Die Casting tools and Machining fixtures. Now, company is having set up of Eight VMC, Conventional machining Set Up, CNC grinding, EDM machine Etc.

Specializing in tools for the Gravity Die Casting process, Low-Pressure Die Casting process, and High-Pressure Die Casting process, we have consistently delivered top-notch quality tools within stipulated timelines. Our current production capacity stands at an impressive 100 tools per year, translating to an efficient output of 2 tools per week, and we are actively engaged in expanding our production capabilities.

Over the years, our dedicated team of engineers has played a pivotal role in establishing us as a key player in the design and manufacture of casting tools and machining fixtures. As a company committed to excellence, "Aakar Dies & Moulds" has set forth clear objectives:

Conceptualization and Validation

We aim to create, evaluate, and validate concepts and specifications through meticulous design and simulation processes, ensuring a "first-time right" approach from trial to approval.


Proposing innovative Aluminium alloy solutions, we focus on enhancing performance and achieving potential weight reduction through advancements in design, processes, and product innovation.


Our tools are designed to significantly improve the efficiency of resource utilization, encompassing equipment, energy, and materials, contributing to sustainable and streamlined manufacturing processes.


Quality Certification

Aakar Dies and Moulds